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About Us

Khas Patti is a big terrain in Devprayag Tehsil of Tehri Garhwal district in Uttarakhand, India. "Khas Patti" region is abounding in social and cultural heritage from ancient time and famous for revolutionary movements. "Khas Patti" is also famous for its socio-cultural and religious organization, fair and festivals. Another important fact about this region is that every other household in here will have someone in their family who is a Chef either working in some hotel or restaurants within India or working on an International level in a different country. Yet this place is not recognised by many of us. We want to dedicate this restaurant to all those Chefs from this region who constantly put their hardwork day in- day out. Being a part of this community and spending my early childhood in the "Khas Patti" region, we took the onus of doing something big that would inspire other people from this region to follow their passion in food industry and live up to their dreams.

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