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Our Renowned Chef

Chef Sanjay Singh Chand

His father was his idol, who was also a Chef by profession and serving from 1970s. He always used to see his father making delicious meals at home and that aroma made him think that he will also become a Chef one day. Chef Sanjay was never good in studies because he always had a passion for cooking food since his early childhood days. At the age of 16, he dropped out of his studies to follow his passion in this industry. He started working in small street side food joints and slowly gradually worked his way up working in some top Indian Restaurants in the capital and other major cities in India and with some Celebrity Chefs. His next goal was to explore his experience on an International level. After working in India, China, Bahrain, and Oman his plan is not just to bring food but a fusion of a multi-cuisine experience to his guests. Just at the age of 33, he is proud to say that he is ready to bring a change in the Indo-Canadian food industry.

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